Even with the little bit longboarding experience, if you want to enjoy the longboard riding, then you need to look down for the best carving longboards. Carving is a one of the best longboarding skills that is very popular due to its extreme fun riding and easy handing ability.

After some hours of research, we’ve picked the carving longboards. As per the reviews, Atom Drop Through Longboard is the best overall when compared to the other brands.

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Most of the people have a question in their mind about which one is best for longboard carving. To answer your question, I have listed below some of the best and top rated longboards in this article for carving. This carving type longboards constitute the ability to yield an interesting ride which comes out in a wide variety.

You can gain popularity with this carving longboards wherever there are slopes and hilly terrains to perform. With this article, you can able to make a quick decision with the products I have narrowed down. Go through the review to pick the best suited longboard which is best for carving based on your desire.

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Atom Drop Through

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Top 10 Carving Longboards- Reviewed

1. Atom Drop Through Longboard

If you wish to buy a smooth, fast and safe longboard ride, Atom drop through 41 inch longboard is a perfect one for a wonderful ride.You can able to make a full radius turning from one corner to another with the smooth response mode.

This is the longboard that most of the people started to have it not only due to its quality but also its affordability within a limited range. It includes exterior laminate bamboo which is specially designed with heat transfer ability that does not fade out.

Highlights of Atom Longboards

  • Maple laminated deck
  • Unique perimeter shape
  • 245-millimeter axles
  • ABEC 9 bearing

Its ultra low spectrum riding tends you to stay with high stability even at a greater speed. This small flex deck design longboard comes out with ABEC 9 bearings to accelerate your longboard in a faster mode. People with the biggest feet feel blessed to have this atom drop through longboard.

Comfortable speed

Light weight

Smooth ride

Slow bearing operation.

The 7 layers full maple laminate deck design is the main reason for its less expensive cost. Its maple wood and bamboo mixing offers the strong, durable and sturdy construction to withstand the worst weathers. You can easily fit your feet onto this longboard for making a comfortable ride.
This light weighted longboard contribute the user with the easy carrying ability with full comfort. Its trucks are specially equipped with the 245 mm axles of reversing king pin to offer an ideal riding experience.

2. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard 

Are you a beginner longboard rider? For this, Quest super is the best preferable to learning longboard ride with full satisfaction. We’ve also research more than 40 models of  longboard for beginners. After that, we’ve lists the best for you.

The amazing artesian bamboo design includes ABEC 5 bearings to enable the user to make sure about the smooth rolling. This quest longboard is well equipped with 4 mm hollow risers to keep you as safe on riding over the street.

Highlights of Quest 

  • 7 Ply Super-Flex Bamboo
  • 6 inch aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Hollow 4 mm Risers

This longboard is very compact size and lightweight, so you can carry out easily. It is suited for downhill riding and cruising. The 44-inch length gives perfect stability while you are riding. It will last for a long time when compared to the other brands.

High quality material

Rust and corrosion resistant


Too stiff

 It is made from the 7 ply maple with bottom layer of bamboo materials. It increases the durability of the deck. It is also available on 4 different design so you can choose as per your wish.The quest super longboard comes with cool pintail style deck and 70 mm polyurethane wheels which is gives a smooth ride.

3. Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard

Are you a professional longboard rider? For this, Yocaher longboard is the best preferable to archive the high speed performance riding with full satisfaction.The Yocaher professional longboard is ideal for intermediate riders as well as professional riders.

It comes out with 22 different colors with similar features and quality. This longboard includes high quality wheels, bearing and trucks and its deck is mounted in the drop down configuration to provide the low range of center of gravity.

Highlights of Yocaher

  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • ABEC 7 chrome bearings
  • 80A Black Grip tape
  • 78 A Hardness wheels

Yocaher longboard is implemented with non-flexing and its multi functional wheels offer a replacement facility. Heavy duty trucks are constructed with the 180mm hanger aluminum alloy in this longboard to allow the rider for taking a perfect turning radius.

Easy to control

Ultra speed riding

Heavy performance

No slow down in turning.

It is easy to take a ride with this longboard due to its low deck’s drop down facility and increased stability. Its concaved deck allows the user to snug fit their feet on to the board for better balancing. This longboard covers ABEC 7 chrome bearings with efficient quality and low tolerance ability.  Yocaher professional speed drop through longboard is a dedicated for several features such as high quality, stability, fast smooth riding and tight turning radius.

The price of this longboard is cheap compared to other boards which attracts most of the users to have this every time. If you are seraching for a best cheap longboards then it would be the best choice for you.

4. Gold Coast Classic Longboard

Complete Pintail ShapeWith this gold coast classic longboard, you can able to handle carving as well as cruising. It includes 26 inches of wheel featured with the printed grip tape.The board’s deck is usually designed with 44 inches length and 10 inched wide enough to hold the rider feet.

Gold coast classic longboard is constructed with the 7 pile Canadian maple deck that is durable and strong enough to withstand against the rider’s heavy body weight and worst weather conditions.

Highlights of  Gold Coast

  • Reversible pivot trucks
  • Teflon lubricant
  • Floater Shape
  • 93 A bushings

Its ABEC 7 bearings are lubricated with the Teflon material to make it best suitable for all size of riders. The sturdy wheels and its base come out with the heavy duty trucks to make a carving easy to go.

Strong enough

High durability

Great grip

Wheel bite occurs.

You can make a perfect smooth riding with its high quality wheel design. The amazing carver board is most responsive for easy full radius turning with an accurate tight grip. Its reversible type of 7 inch pivot century trucks is highly mated with the 80A 71 mm diameter shred boot wheels to contribute a good carving.

5. Sector 9 Fractal Complete Longboard

This sector 9 fractal complete longboard is one of the best longboards for carving even at the high speed option. If you wish to enjoy the downhill riding with maximum performance, then Sector 9 fractal complete longboard is the best choice for you to go.

Its 8 ply laminated maple deck construction has given the longboard a fabulous and gorgeous outlook appearance. This longboard is well known for its excellent performance achieved in carving, sharp tight turning and sliding.You can able to grasp all the well qualified features with this longboard at a lowest reasonable price.

Highlights of  Sector 9

  • ABEC 5 PDP bearings
  • 10 inch sidewinder trucks
  • 8 piles of cold pressed Maple
  • Candy coat full dipc color

With its well maintained quality, you can able to acquire extreme strength with high durability. This sector 9 series is well suited for the downhill riding to grant a complete control effect over the high gripping wheels and its ABEC 5 PDP bearings. You can prevent the wiping with the implementation of the deck’s grip tap and wheels.

Sharp tight turning

Accurate flex amount

Ergonomic grip tape

Limited color options.

It is well mounted on the surface of the 10 inch gullwing side winder II trucks for perfect gripping during the carving. The offset 78A TS wheels fitted below the truck comes out with the grease ball bearings which have the correct amount of flex for carving and making the tight full radius turning.

6. Rimable Drop through 41 Inch Longboard

Want to skate with the high speed longboards for obtaining a great balancing throughout riding? Go with an option of Rimable drop through 41 inch longboard for the high speed performance. It includes 7 inch of 180 aluminum trucks to secure the longboard from heavy weight riding.

Its ABEC 9 bearings come out with the ability of high speed lubricating effect during the full speed riding. This 41 inch Rimable drop through longboard is fully added with an adequate safety measures to avoid accidents. Wheels are designed with high stability factor and the gripping quality which allow you to have a perfect balance over the surface.

Highlights of  Rimable 

  • Ultra low resistance
  • 7inch 180 Aluminum truck
  • 85A Hardness PU wheels
  • High speed bearings

Rimable drop through longboard is a best product available in the today’s market. Not only it allows you to learn skating but also provide fast and safe free riding facility. It comes out with the 70 x 51 mm of PU wheels to safeguard you from strong and rough terrains during a ride.

Perfect turns and cut

Smooth riding

Easy to handle

No noise free riding.

You can able to fix your feet well onto this low longboard deck for archiving an ultra resistance spectrum without any wear and tear. It becomes a perfect choice for those who want to grasp the benefit of speed turning with a tight grip over a riding.

The board is specially implemented with 9 ply full maple laminated deck material to make a firm construction. It not only provides an accurate balancing, but also comes out with the wobble free cruising even at the high speed riding.

7.Arbor Timeless 42 Longboard

Arbor Timeless 42 Longboard is one of the best longboards for carving and cruising. It has a 42-inch length of the deck and 29-inch wheelbase. The combination of the two components creates a smooth and responsive ride to your feet.

This deck is made of 7 plies hard rock maple with a carbonized bamboo top sheet.  It includes strong grip tape and 50- degree 180 mm Paris reverse truck.

Highlights of  Arbor

  • 7 Ply Hard rock Maple
  • American Black Walnut Deck
  • Paris 50 Degree 180mm Trucks
  • Lucid Grip Tape

In its 78 A arbor wheels have a 69mm diameter and ABEC 5 bearings. The arbor longboard is full of bamboo construction, so it is very lightweight and gives maximum flexibility.

Easy to carry


Stable performance

Louder when it turns

It will give a super carving ride to you. You can also learn a different style of longboarding by using this arbor longboard.

8. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

Magneto is one of the best bamboo longboards in today’s market. It is an ideal choice for cruising, freestyle, carving, downhill, and dancing. In its classic polished bamboo deck creates an elegant outlook.

This 38.5-inch bamboo deck has a perfect length for carving ride. It is made of high-grade quality materials that give the maximum amount of stability

Highlights of  Magneto

  • Drop through truck
  • Polyurethane 78 A wheels
  • 38.5 inch bamboo deck
  • High quality material

The wheels of this longboard are very soft but work well with the high-quality ABEC bearings. You can also loosen up the wheels depends upon your riding style. It will give more grips while you’re riding. It also make quick turn and cut when the carving ride.

Smooth long ride

Easy to navigate

Quick turns

Restrict mobility

This longboard can be used for a variety of riding style. It is very strong, flexible and can easily support heavy weighing riders too.

9. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

If you are searching for the best carving longboard with an affordable price, Atom drop deck is the right choice. This longboard made with reverse kingpin trucks and 245 mm durable axles.

It offers a perfect carving ride to you. It is also suited for downhill riding. It includes high griped wheel, and 80 s grip tape. In its ease of pushing is the ideal choice for long distance riding.

Highlights of  Atom Drop Deck

  • Eye catching design
  • Stable 35 degree base
  • Maple laminated deck
  • 80 grit silicon carbide

The sick perimeter shape delivers you 9.5-inch support in every turn. It also helps to reduce wheel bite while you’re riding. It includes ABEC 9 rubber shielded bearings with high-speed lubricant. It will help to accomplish your long destination in a short time.

Reasonable price

Easy to push

No wheel bite

Tighter wheels

It has a 41-inch maple deck. It is very long in size, which gives perfect stability. The maple wood is the classic material that is very strong, sturdy, reliable, and stable. This deck provides a wobble-free performance.

10. White wave bamboo longboard

The directional shape of the white wave bamboo longboard is an excellent choice for carving. It ensures durability. The white wave longboard is made of superior quality materials and top-rated PU wheels.

In its aluminum trucks are used to secure the connection between the deck and the wheels. It comes with high-speed lubricant ABEC 11 bearings which offer a smooth, stable and fast ride.

Highlights of  White wave

  • High speed lubricant bearings
  • Superior quality bamboo materials
  • Directional shape
  • Heat transferred graphics

The weight of this board is just 3.5 pounds, so the carrying option is easy. This longboard uses a 180 mm drop-through trucks which give more stability and quick turns.

Good grip


Great stability

Loud trucks

It includes the clear grip tape, 70 mm rebound urethane wheels and medium concave decks that are give more comfortable ride to you. It is also an ideal choice for cruising.

What is carving?

Carving is surf like riding style, which includes quick turns, S like pattern trajectory. It maintains the momentum and speed. If you are a beginner longboarder, carving style may not come easily. Carving is changing your body weight to the foot edge. It gives more control while you’re riding. If you don’t know to carve properly, you would easily lose the control of your speed while riding on a longboard.

How to choose carving longboard?

Carving longboarding is a popular outdoor game. Nowadays all the people are interested to ride on a longboard. But they don’t know how to choose the best one. For them, we’ve lists the tips to buy a new carving longboard.


Trucks are the essential part of the longboard. It is a base of the longboard. There are two things to analyze in trucks that are width and height.

Trucks width

The truck is measure by the anger width. If the truck has more width, it will give more stability and less wheel bite while you are riding. If it has less width, then it will provide good turns plus a powerful grip.

There are many longboards has a standard 180mm hanger width, which performs well all types of riding. If you want the speed boards, 150 mm smaller trucks are the right choice.

Trucks Height

Higher trucks provide the perfect turn without causing any wheel bite. Higher trucks are an excellent choice for carving ride. These higher trucks are less stable and harder to push but offer high carving ability to you.

Kingpin is the main factor of your longboard. The reverse kingpin trucks are easy to control when compared to the standard trucks.


Another essential part for the longboard is a deck. There are two types of mount type’s decks for carver that is top-mount and drop- through. The trucks are screwed under the deck is called top-mount whereas the trucks go through on top of the deck is called drop through.

The deck is higher in top mount, and the deck is lower in a drop through. Most of the riders prefer top mount deck for carving ride.


Wide wheels give better grip, soft and smooth ride to you. There are two types of wheels available for longboards that are square lipped and round lipped wheels.

The square-lipped wheels are the right choice for carving which offers better grip while turns. After that, check the diameter and the hardness of the wheels.

 The longer decks work well with larger wheels, and the shorter decks work well with shorter wheels. If you ride a small deck with the larger wheels, it causes the wheel bite.


A bearing is used to reduce the friction and gives a smooth and fast ride to you. It helps to keep your longboard wheels turning without too much tear. So choose your bearings correctly and keep it clean.

If you want a bearing with the lowest price, red bones are the ideal choice. It perfectly suits all types of a longboard. These bearings are last for a long time.

Choose ABEC 7 or 9 bearings for smooth and friction free carving ride. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can also try out some long last bearings.

How to carve on a longboard?

Carving on a longboard is an excellent feeling. If you interest in ride carving, the first thing you should choose the best carving longboard. After that, select the perfect place for learning. Once you get carving perfectly, you can tackle steep paved slopes.

The main key to carving is sliding your wheels slightly in every turn. You should have a longer wheelbase for your longboard. After a long time practicing, you will able to create different types of curves. Be sure to wear a helmet.

Give force to make some speed by using your back foot. After that, bend your knees lightly. Now, move all your weight to the heel of your foot before getting too much speed. You should keep your toes are looking towards the sky, and your heels are looking to the ground.

Toe carving is a type of carving ride. It is slightly difficult when compared to the heel carving. Don’t try to physically lift your heels off the board. Finally, stop once you have reached the destination.

If you are taking practice daily, you’ll be the perfect carving rider.

Safety precaution

Riding a longboard is creates more fun. At the same time, it is a very dangerous task. If your balance misses while you ride on a longboard, it may cause serious injuries, so be careful. Here we’ve given some tips for carving.

Don’t try to your heels come off the deck too much.

You should wear a standard helmet while going for a ride. The quality helmet helps to protect your head from the severe injury.

If you slide while riding, you should need a pair of quality gloves. This glove protects your finger even at high speed. Based on wearing an elbow and knee pad keeps your body safe.

Benefits of carving

Carving on a longboard is a difficult task which can be performed by only experienced riders. Longboard riding gives a lot of benefits to you. Here we’ve listed some benefits.

Benefits of Longboarding

Muscle Strength

To keep your body strong and healthy, you must workout daily. Carving on a longboard helps to make the muscle of your leg, toes, and, hip. You can reduce calories simply without going to the gym.

Sleep and cholesterol

Many people are struggling to get a peaceful sleep. Regular longboarding ensures a comfy sleep. By use of longboarding, one can control the level of cholesterol.

Stress and transportation

Toxic vehicle creates global warming and air pollution. Using longboard for transportation we may reduce harmful gases. Moreover, it helps to relieve you from stress.

If you had more time, you can also read about more benefits of longboard riding.

Final Words

Among all, most of the carving longboards are furnished with drop through deck for high stability riding. You will amaze with its unbelievable speed controlling factors over the longboard carving. Not only it furnishes a full entertainment with the carving, but also it offers a pleasant cruising experience. 
I hope the above highlighted longboards will make you float at long time carving with extreme fun so that you can easily pick up your desirable longboard for curving.