ng is an interesting sport that offers fun and experience to the people. cheap-longboardsMany people have a fact in their mind that the long boards are costlier devices that cannot be afforded easily. But the real phenomena are that the longboards can be afforded even at low cost also.

As per our testing SCSK8 Pro Complete longboard got the #1 place.

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Further, the quality of cheaper longboard is similar to that of the costlier longboards and so people can use these boards with high performance. The cheaper longboards come under the budget and so the user can afford it easily.

Every rider cannot buy a longboard in 200$, 300 $. Especially beginner in longboarding. For them, here we’ve given today’s best and cheap longboards with full descriptions, design, price, and features.

Top 10 Cheap Longboards Comparison Table

Product NameWeightSizeDeck
SCSK8 Pro Complete Longboard5 lbs42 inch7 Ply Maple Construction
Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard3.52 lbs44 inch8-ply Canadian maple
VOLADOR 42inch Longboard7.6 lbs42 inch8 ply natural hard rock maple
Krown Sunset City Longboard9 lbs42 inchCanadian Maple Construction
Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard7 lbs34 inchMulti-ply hardwood maple
Yocaher Complete Longboard7 lbs34 inchMulti-ply hardwood maple
Atom Drop Through8 lbs41 inch9-Ply Maple
SURGE Freeride Longboard9 lbs42 inch9-ply Canadian Maple
Blunt Cruiser Through Longboard7 lbs42 inch9-ply Canadian Maple
Surf One Robert Longboard7.6 lbs43 inch7-ply Canadian Maple

Best 10 Cheap Longboards- Reviewed

The longboards are attractive gaming devices. Hence many brands have come with their own model of cheaper longboards. Among these various models, one should choose the best model of the cheaper long board from the market, so that the quality and performance of this longboard will be high.

To guide you, I have come with a shortlist of some of the best longboards which is available with less price in the market.

1. SCSK8 Pro Complete Longboard

The SCSK8 longboard is the cheapest of all the longboard. The important feature of this longboard is that it is made up of high-quality bamboo. The bamboo is durable and it weighs very less. With this, even the kids can use this longboard with high performance.

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52 mm PU Wheels

7 Ply Maple Construction

Heavy-Duty Black Grip Tape

Fast ride

Very safe

Perfect for heavy guys

Further, the design of the longboard is crusier with wider desk. So that the stability offered by this longboard is also high. The wheels used within the device offers quick break feature with the fast operation. In addition to this, it can also be used safely in various types of riding. Even the beginners can use this longboard with high performance.

2. Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard

The ten toes emporium is made of blunt style bamboos. The weight of this board is 9.6 pounds, it’s a little heavier. The rank of the bearing is ABEC 7, it gives a soft ride.

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Blunt style bamboos

PU-cast black bushings

Responsive reverse kingpins


Great grip tape

Variety of colors

The 70 mm wheels are the tiny size of this longboard, so it is well suited for the quick cruiser. It comes with responsive reverse kingpins, 7-inch aluminum trucks, PU-cast black bushings, also excellent grip tape. These bamboo boards are an excellent choice to keep safe in our environment. It is very light when compared to the other wooden boards, so it is the best choice for cruising.

3. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

The weight of the volador longboard is 200 lbs, so little hard to carry. But it will give an outstanding balance to the overweight guys.The deck is made from the 8-ply hardwood maple materials which are very powerful and durable. It gives a comfortable ride to the user.

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Sturdy design

8-ply hardwood maple

7-inch reverse kingpin truck

Smooth ride

Quick turns

Strong and durable

It had the 7-inch reverse kingpin truck set which is flexible. You can customize the settings of the truck at 45 or 50 degrees. The 70 mm wheel, 180 mm aluminum trucks, and ABEC 9 bearing gives a soft ride to you. It is available in a type of colors so you can choose as per your preference.

4. Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

The Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard is a pintail longboard that is designed with stability feature. This longboard has Canadian maple construction so that the stability offered by these devices is high. This longboard also offers safety to all the users.

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Black Grip Tape

Aluminum Alloy Trucks

Canadian maple construction

Large wheels

Quality materials

Perfect for cruising

In addition to this, the longboard is designed with black wheels. These black wheels are durable and it offers higher performance and flexibility to all the users. Further, the desk is also fitted with 6-inches aluminum alloy trucks, so that the durability of the board is high.

5. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard 

The Quest Rorshack longboard is an advanced bamboo longboard that is specially designed for professionals. The attractive feature of this longboard is the use of bamboo wood because this wood ensures durability in the device. This longboard is effective and it is designed lightweight so that it ensures portability of the board.

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34-inch desk

6-inch alloy trucks

Unique splatter graphic


Attractive design

High performance

Further, the desk used within the longboard is about 34-inches in length, so that the stability offered by the device is high compared to other devices. This longboard is also designed with high-quality 6-inch alloy trucks; these trucks ensure durability and offer high performance to all the users.

6. Yocaher Complete Longboard

If you are the expert in longboard ride, this longboard is the greatest preferable to archive the high-speed performance riding with full satisfaction. The deck is mounted in the drop-down configuration to give the low range of center of gravity as well as improved durability.

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Concaved deck

Heavy duty truck

Multifunctional wheels

High-quality wheels

Speed performance

Increased stability

Heavy duty trucks are performed with the 180mm hanger aluminum alloy, which takes a perfect turning radius. Yocaher professional speed drop through longboard is the best-dedicated design for its high quality, durability, and, fast quiet riding. 

7. Atom Drop Through Longboard

Its ultra-low spectrum riding admits you to stay with high durability even at a higher speed. This atom drop through 41-inch longboard comes out with ABEC 9 bearings which are made through the high-quality materials to stimulate your longboard in a high-speed mode.

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245 mm axles

Ultra-low spectrum

Small flex deck design


Does not fade out easily

Good adequate performance

The width and length of this longboard become the excellent support for the people who found of this atom drop through 41-inch longboard for making a wondrous ride. People with the longest feet feel happy to have this atom drop through longboard. It is enough to put your feet on this longboard to go for comfortable riding with its superior gripping facility.

8. SURGE 37.8inch Freeride Longboard Complete

The SURGE 37.8inch freeride Longboard complete is also a useful longboard designed with high-quality maple desk at top and rosewood at the bottom. Both these products ensure stability and so the device can be used for a long time without any drawbacks. Further, this product is also equipped with high quality cast aluminum. This aluminum ensures durability and stability of the board.

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Heavy duty steel

Maple and rosewood desk

High quality cast aluminum


High stability

Lubed Bearings

The wheels used within the board offer high stability. The wheels are specially designed for free ride long boarding. In addition to this, the wheels are designed with ABEC-7 lubed bearing, so that it can be operated at various speeds with high performance. Heavy duty steel is used for connecting the steel to the desk. This steel is coated with black paint so that the durability of the device increase and the board looks attractive too.

9. Blunt New Cruiser Through Longboard

The Backfires longboard is an attractive longboard that is designed with vibrant colors. This longboard is designed with maple desk. The bottom of the board is made up of rosewood to ensure durability. Further, the rosewood also offers stability to the users; hence the users can operate the device with high performance and efficiency.

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Maple deck

83A hardness

Designed with advanced feature

Vibrant colors

High efficient

Ideal for downhill carving

The wheels used within the device are durable and it offers fast operation. This longboard can be used by the professional longboarders. This board can be even used for downhill mounting and for other sports events with a longboard.  Further, the board is designed with aluminum alloy; this alloy ensures the durability of the device.

10. Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard

The Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard is a classic longboard designed with endless summer design. This longboard offers high performance and various effective functions to all the users. The length of the desk used within the longboard is about 43-inches and the width is about 8-inches.

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Clear Grip Tape

Randal 180 mm trucks

Classic Endless Summer design

More flexible

Easy to control

Soft and smooth ride

This longboard offers higher stability and safety features to all the users. Added to this, the longboard is also designed with maple construction. This construction makes the board flexible and so it can be used for carving and cruising. The wheels used on the board are also durable and it offers a high performance to all the users.

Final Verdict

The above mentioned are the top 6 cheap longboards designed with high quality and performance. These longboards can be afforded easily and can be used with high performance. So try these longboards and share your views in the box given below.


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