Are you looking for the fastest longboard bearing? One thing to consider is that the size of the skateboard and longboard bearings. Every longboard bearing is a standard size and can fit inside of any wheel it can move smoothly and consistently. A longboard bearing has three specific parts which are the truck, wheels, and the deck these make the wheel spin when they move.

The main purpose of bearings is to minimize the friction and thus increase the speed and smoothness to get a more enjoyable longboard experience. Before you buy the longboard bearing ensure about the specific materials used in balls.

The balls are the major component of bearing because it is responsible for rolling ability. Steel is popular for its elasticity and ductility so it has the ability to retain its natural and original shape even after you applied a lot of loads to it.

BEST longboard Bearings:

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

The Bones Red Bearing is featured at the top of the best longboard bearing list. The inner track of the longboard bearings is made out of high strength nylon just to make your longboard wheels to spin faster.

These bearing balls are lighter, stronger, and harder than the other products whereby it is waterproof. Due to its ceramic features, it may last longer than the premium steel balls. They are made with steel races and balls with a nylon cage for ball retention the shields on one side are non-contact and removable for cleaning.

It delivers a quite smooth rolling experience the high-speed nylon ball provides a lot of strength and speed for confidence on those long downhills.

With its non-contact rubber shield, you can assure that it is frictionless that keeps you safe once you make it a part of a longboard. It combines a skate rated design with high-quality materials and components.

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

The yellow jacket premium bearings spin very faster than new brand Red Bones. These bearings are really amazing because it reduces friction and will make your wheels spin longer. It comes with high precision and high-speed bearings that are ultimately flexible while you ride.

You can use it for a longboard, skateboard, roller blades, inline skates and many more. It works efficiently whatever harsh weather it is exposed to and also features a seal designed to provide waterproofing ability to them.

Yellow Jacket Bearings are specially constructed for racing and durability and is designed to last longer than any other bearing in a market. The yellow seal is engraved and perfect for protecting against dirt and moisture, so you may not feel hard to clean. It uses quality premium chrome steel balls for a smooth glide and prime performance and it is easy to ride with greater strength and less friction.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

It is one of the highly effective bearings which are fully functional so you can use it for the wide range of applications. The balls look very larger which have the ability to roll a few times while going a similar distance.

The bones Super Swiss Bearings are rated high for better performance than any ABEC rated bearings. The shields are very easy to remove so you can clean the dirt and moisture quickly without any strain.

It comes with a unique design which is also one of the reasons for quick acceleration and fast rolling ability. The speed, as well as a strength of the bearings, can also be based on their ball retainer constructed out of high-speed nylon material.

Uses a speed cream to pre-lubricate the bearings and makes it capable of tolerating many things. To keep them preserved to its best condition, this has nylon ball retainers and Bones Speed Cream lubricant which is a good lubricant for longboard bearings.

Heady Shake Pro Fastest Premium Bearings

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

It is ultra-speed and ultra-smooth bearing which are pre-lubricated with heady shake’s speed oil for better performance. It has a special and unique lubricant which ensures that they run smoothly and quickly.

These top-quality bearings can be used for a variety of skates including inline and roller skates, longboards, skateboards as well as kick scooters. The longboard bearings are very versatile and give the ability to handle various types of skates.

It is highly waterproof as well as dependable and sturdy skateboard spacers. They look stylish and sleek just to attract the audience who are interested to buy longboards and skateboards. It comes with a non-contact removable rubber shield which causes less friction.

The double strengthened nylon shield and built-in speed washers make the ride very smooth and easy. There are two stunning color options one is gold white and the other one is matte black you can choose the one which looks attractive and elegant. 

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards

The zealous bearings are constructed with a rubber seal that gives you ease of access during protection against moisture or dirt. It is specially designed to work for skateboards and longboards.

The outer part is shielded with steel but you can see a green rubber material for the inner and outer seals. They are pre-lubricated using long-lasting grease and it is mainly designed to get rid of friction also minimizes the corrosion on the interiors.

It can deliver fast movement because friction is very low so the speed can reach a higher level. The 8mm axles are fitted with these bearings which can be finally attached to the bottom of longboard wheels.

Lubed with custom Nanoceramic grease which enters imperfections in the metal and smoothes them out making for a faster bearing. The inner and outer seals can prevent debris, thane, and dirt from penetrating and makes it stay out of these bearings.

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

It is heavily lubricated which makes them capable of resisting drag and it is an 8-piece set of ceramic longboard bearings with maximum lubrication. The ceramic material used in this bearing is also beneficial as they are not prone to rust and dirt cannot easily scratch or destroy this product.

The super hard ceramic balls are pre-lubricated to reduce the friction and damage at high speed so they are best longboard bearings for cruising. It can last much longer than the other metal bearings.

Chromium steel balls ride on triple-honed and polished races, and the stainless steel shields are removable for cleaning. The heavy lube protection used in this longboard bearing also ensures that they do not experience wear and tear too fast. It comes with a seal to weatherproof them so you don’t need to worry about the damages from dirt or rocks as the heavy lubrication will prevent from being cracked.

Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings for longboarding

Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

It is one of the highly reliable products because it is specially constructed for those who wish to boost their skateboard and longboard performance. It significantly boosts the speed of bearings because a bit heavier grease is applied in other parts to improve the durability of bearings.

Light oil is applied over the race for high speed and slightly heavier grease is applied in the ENDURE for attaining maximum longevity. Dragons come standard with two shields on either side of the bearing for maximum protection from the elements.

These specific bearings are not only ceramic but are also pre-lubricated with a racing lubricant and feature a high-speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed. It reduces friction hugely to increase the speed and smoothness by which you can get a more enjoyable longboard experience.

It also comes with a rubber seal which is helpful for keeping out contaminants because it can rapidly degrade the performance of bearing. The moisture and dirt will be washed out easily from the bearing. 

Silver Bearings for Skateboard and Longboard

Happy E-life Silver Bearings

The silver longboard bearings are perfect for entry-level riders who look to cruise. The plastic shields are constructed just to protect the inner mechanisms and they come pre-lubricated with a speed lubricant, so your ride will be smooth and enjoyable.

These cheap longboard bearings are capable of working with all kinds of skateboards and longboards. It has been designed with a lot of versatility to work with different kind of boards. There are 8 kinds of pieces which mean they provide you with all the bearings that you need to run fast.

The high-quality lubes help in boosting the durability and overall performance of the bearings no matter at which terrain you use them too. The red and silver color looks stunning on any board and makes you feel comfortable while you ride on roads. The inner ball bearings, outer seal, and protective rubber seal are tuned to decide where you need to go for a ride.

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

The bones Swiss ceramics bearings are most expensive it is lighter, stronger and will not corrode. It is designed with 8 ceramic wheel bearings and also comes with a sticker of four bearing spacers.

The most important benefit of this bearing is it not only light but also strong and hard. The ceramic balls used in these bearings are better than very best steel bearings as it features high strength nylon and rubber shield for better protection.

The Swiss ceramic bearings are the lightest among all of the bone’s bearing also resist dirt and moisture better than any of their other products. It has a longboard friendly design so it will never make you feel uncomfortable, it can help you to enjoy the whole day.

Comes pre-lubricated with a speed cream lubricant and another interesting fact about this bearing is that the balls are constructed out of cerbec ceramic. The nylon ball retainer can be very useful to give you a smooth and sustainable ride.

Bronson G2 Bearings Single Set

Bronson G2 Bearings

It offers a smooth and quiet rolling experience because it is already pre-lubricated to give a faster as well as smoother skating. These high-quality skateboard bearings work with all types of skateboards and longboards.

Smooth and fast, they come with complete steel shields for high performance and durability. It is ideal for a new skater who is more interested in durability than precision quality and high performance.

The super hard ceramic balls are pre-lubed to minimize the friction and damage at high speed. These bearings require few days of break-in to heat and disperse the lubricant after that you may experience a new level of smooth ride.

It is lubricated with a high-grade oil to keep them spinning freely as you move. With this durable construction, you can rest assured that your bearings will spin smoothly under your feet as you glide along. It works not only in longboards and skateboards but also in rollerblades and inline skates among many others.

What to consider before you buy a Longboard Bearing:

Before you choose the longboard look in for some of the important qualities to get the long-lasting support. You need to collect as much information as possible about the best longboard brand and then pick the best one that suits you. The fully functional longboard bearing can be easier to choose if you keep in mind these important factors.

  • Choose a longboard bearing which is already lubricated as this can help improve its effectiveness and performance. It is also must to check whether the bearings are easy to install.
  • Spacers also play an important role which is the most crucial part of the bearings. They deliver a speedy and amazing performance even while remaining stable.
  • It is necessary to consider the material used in ball bearing, the two most popular materials are steel and ceramic. Ceramic is actually preferred for most of the skateboard and longboard.
  • C-ring is the most important component to be present in the bearing it is a thin ring which can fit into grooves that you can find on the outer part of the bearing. It is designed to securely lock the shield.

Wrapping Up:

Finding the best longboard bearings can be quite challenging but it is necessary to pick the one which performs well and satisfy your needs the most. Make sure that they perfectly fit your longboard to be speedy and can give you the fastest ride.


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  2. I have lost the bearings of my longboard while riding. So I am looking for the best bearings for my longboard. Could you suggest me the bearing that can give the fastest ride?