Do you want to have the best longboard on your own? You must go through this article to know lot information about the top rated products that exists in the today’s market. Nowadays there are several manufacturers involved in developing the best longboard for the skaters.long-board

The preference of each skater differs such that most of the manufacturers intend to develop the well qualified longboards for making safe and crazy rides. No matter how perfect a skater’s riding whereas the riding performance won’t results well without having an extreme quality longboard.

Those who are tired on making a long way research on longboard products to buy the qualified one; I have narrow down some of the best longboards to help you in choosing the one that suits well with your ride.

Why One Should Have The Longboard?

Most of them love and prefer to have a longboard ride due to its multipurpose beneficial factor. Longboard consists of several advantages that provide lots of fun, freedom, joy and cruising alone or with the friend’s gang.

You can grasp the ability of balancing your body by owning this longboard. For someone who find difficult to stand for a long timing without having such a balancing quality, longboard serves its best to help out a better balancing.

Longboard target is to contribute both fun and adventure with full excitement during your crazy rides. It is also referred as the environmental safe vehicle to prevent the time and money wastage in having fuel and pollution free situation.

By make use of this longboard you can also save your time wasted in walking for a long distance measure. If you want to search for the best way for spending free time with friends, own a new longboard to get around with your friends.

Longboard not only saves time and energy but also prevent you from leg aching and fatigues. This light weight product enable you an easy carrying facility at any time. You can simply carry this longboard when you wish to have a small walk.

Its pollution free factor and sturdy flexible balancing construction is well suitable for people in all age. You can able to show off your personality as well as your own way of style by means of this longboard riding for creating attraction among others.

Apart from several beneficial factors, it also helps to work out your body in high measure when compared to walking and exercising. It constitutes the ability to track your whole body parts which gives the same effect results from the complete body workouts.

Factors To Notice While Having A New Longboard For A Ride

With the stylish longboard, you can able to obtain an unlimited fun time each day. While moving on to have your own longboard, it is difficult to find the best one among several brands that suits well with your body and way of riding style.

For your quick pick up, I have narrated some of the important factors in this article such that you can consider it during your longboard purchase. Make sure in your mind about the longboards that does not include high quality wheels and bearings. Its wheel bearing should be implemented with the high quality material and sturdy enough to withstand the longboard speed.

Prefer the longboard based on your riding level such as beginner, intermediate or professional riding level. Check and verify the ability level of the longboard to match with the rider’s skill level. The longboard style with the qualified setup provides the hope for making the fabulous riding experience.

Every longboard riders belongs to different levels of riding styles such as carving, cruising, downhill, free ride and free style riding. So it is important to choose the longboard based on your riding style in which you are well experienced.

Be careful to select the shapes of the longboard that withstand against the weight of the user. The directional types of longboards are designed to go along single directional path which is best suited for cruiser, downhill and freestyle riding. Whereas the symmetrical longboards are created for free riding and free style riding to go for 180 degree slides.

Make sure to justify the speed of the longboard that balance both your body as well as the longboard to have a perfect ride. It is necessary to check the longboard’s deck style that is mainly used for influencing the stability range of the longboard.

Inexpensive Longboard

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Mid Range Longboard

Top 10 Best Longboards Chosen by LongBoardCenter.Com

Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard


Are you a beginner or an expert in longboarding and searching for a perfect one to ride? Well, surf one Robert august II complete longboard will be quite a smart decision for enabling you to take over a pride

It is featuring a classic endless design to provide a great feel in riding this longboard. The 7 ply sugar maple wood deck construction usually brings out a great quantity of flex used for easy riding and carving options.

This longboard has blunt deck shape which comes out with the high quality Randal R-II truck embedded for smooth riding experience. It is perfect fit for taking a cruising and carving longboard ride.

Bones red bearings are equipped in this longboard that are best for controlling the rolling resistance. Its maple deck construction is sturdy enough to offer the user with the improved stability and proper balancing ride.

Its 180 mm heavy duty trucks are highly responsive for total riding controls and smooth small turning radius. This great vintage designed longboard with greater width provides a best foot holding for the rider during a ride.

Key Features

  • 180mm Randal R11 Trucks
  • ABEC 5 bearings


  • Endless graphic design
  • Easy riding control


  • Deck’s concavity lacking.

Classic Endless Summer Design

This classic endless summer design comes out with the wood deck construction which is sturdy enough to hold the rider perfectly over the board.

Eight Bit 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard


If longboarding is your favorite and desirable sector, the eight bit 41 inch drop down complete longboard will offers you a unique experience during a ride. Its high quality design comes out with the different attractive colors to meet the rider’s desire.eightbit-41-inch-drop-down-complete-longboard

The longboard is specially constructed with the 8 ply maple laminated deck which is highly durable one. Its heavy duty aluminum alloy trucks are highly mated with the high quality wheels to contribute the safe riding even at the extreme riding speed.

This 41 inch longboard is perfect fit for every rider in which every wheel includes ABEC 7 bearings to provide the smooth riding experience. Even with this eight bit drop down longboard flexes, you can able to make a quick turning radius with perfect tight.

Wheels of this longboard are strong and wide enough to hold the rider’s weight to make perfect moves. This longboard lend riders a balanced riding with complete stability. It is perfect suit for the rough terrains and tough hilly areas to make a safe riding.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty wheels
  • High quality design


  • Greater design
  • Easy to handle


  • Unfit for sliding.

Heavy Duty Trucks And Wheels, Aluminum Alloyed Base

This heavy duty longboard is specially vented with the trucks, wheels and aluminum alloy base to handover the user with the steady stable high performance riding.

Punisher Skateboards Drop through Longboard


With the punisher skateboard drop through longboard, you can able to control the riding at an optimum range. This longboard’s deck is highly designed with the Canadian maple concave deck for complete balancing through the ride.punisher-skateboards-drop-through-canadian-maple-40-inch-longboard-with-concave-deck

It is featured with the ABEC 7 bearings of high speed ability and 7 inch heavy duty trucks with aluminum bases, high quality PU wheels and chemical free wood material. The high duty grip tap is implemented in this longboard to provide the tight gripping not to get slip from the longboard.

Punisher longboard’s poly urethane wheels have metal fixtures to offer the high durability for the longboarding. Its long lasting functionality enables the user with the smooth riding experience every time.

You can able to maintain your longboard for long duration term with the implementation of the chemical free wood construction. Its heavy duty trucks are used for providing the safe and secure longboard riding.

Key Features

  • Concave deck
  • Innovative graphic design


  • Easy to handle
  • Safe riding


  • Extreme tight bearing.

Poly Urethane Wheel Construction

Its poly urethane wheel construction tends to offer the user with the smooth riding experience.

Xtreme Free Professional Speed Drop Down 42 Inch Complete Longboard


Are you a professional longboard skater? Take a perfect ride with this xtreme free professional speed drop down 42 inch longboard which is best suitable for downhill riding. xtreme-free-professional-speed-drop-down-42-inch-complete-longboardIts 9 ply Canadian maple laminated deck provide the strong durable balancing to withstand against high rough terrains.

With its strain free and flexible design, you can able to clean the longboard easily. This 42 inch deck longboard is specially supported by the aluminum alloy and 70 mm 83A high stability wheels to provide the extreme riding speed.

It usually comes out with different colors, style and shape to meet the user desire. Its ABEC 9 bearings are mated with the high speed lubricant for riding over the tough downhill. This longboard enable you to perform the cruising, freestyle riding, downhill racing and free riding.

Xtreme Free professional speed drop down longboard includes greater flexibility with light weight measuring for easy carrying convenience. In this longboard, the maple is perfect affixed with a tight fit to provide the water based glue, high quality and durable outlook.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy hanger
  • Flexible design


  • High speed lubricant
  • Easy to carry


  • Bit noisy during turning.

Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard

This xtreme professional speed drop down longboard is specially implemented to allow the user to perform the downhill racing even at the extreme speed level.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained 41.25 Inch Longboard


The Yocaher professional longboard is ideal for both intermediate riders and professional riders. It comes out with 22 different color varieties with similar features and quality. yocaher-professional-speed-drop-down-stained-41-25-inch-longboardThis longboard consists of high quality wheels, bearing and trucks to meet all the rider’s need.

If you are the professional longboard rider, this longboard is the best preferable to archive the high speed performance riding with full satisfaction. The deck is mounted in the drop down configuration to provide the low range of center of gravity as well as an increased stability.

It is easy to take a ride with this longboard due to its low deck’s drop down facility. Its concaved deck allows the user to snug fit their feet on to the board for better balancing. This longboard consists of ABEC 7 chrome bearings of efficient quality with low tolerance ability.

Yocaher longboard are usually designed with non-flexing and its multi functional wheels offer a replacement facility in case of repairmen. Its reasonable price attracts most of the user to have this for each ride.

Heavy duty trucks are implemented with the 180mm hanger aluminum alloy in this Yocaher longboard to allow the rider to take a perfect turning radius. Yocaher professional speed drop through longboard is best dedicated device for its high quality, stability, fast smooth riding and tight turning radius.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Non flexing


  • High quality bearing
  • Easy to control


  • No slow down in turning.

Heavy Duty Professional Longboard

This Yocaher heavy duty professional longboard is specially designed for the professional longboard skaters to satisfy all the riding desire.

Rimable Drop through 41 Inch Longboard


Do you like to skate with the high speed longboards to attain a great balancing throughout your riding? You can prefer Rimable drop through 41 inch longboard which is one of the best option for the high speed performance.rimable-drop-through-41-inch-longboard

Rimable drop through longboard is the best in the today’s market; it not only allows you to learn skating but also provide fast and safe free riding facility. It comes out with the 70 x 51 mm of PU wheels to withstand against strong and rough terrains during a ride.

It is the perfect choice for the people who want to grasp the benefit of speed turning radius riding with a tight gripping. This 41 inch Rimable drop through longboard is equipped with an adequate safety measures to reduce the accidents.

The wheel design is well known for its high stability factor and the gripping quality allow you to have a perfect balance over the surface. Not only it provides an accurate balancing, it also comes out with the wobble free cruising even at the high speed riding.

You can able to affixed well onto this low longboard deck to attain an ultra resistance spectrum during a slow riding without any tear. The board is specially implemented with the 9 ply full maple laminated deck material to contribute a firm construction.

It also includes 7 inch of 180 aluminum trucks to secure the longboard getting damage due to heavy weight riding. Its ABEC 9 bearings come out with the ability of high speed lubricating effect during the full speed riding.

Key Features

  • Aluminum truck
  • Ultra low resistance


  • Smooth riding
  • Easy to handle


  • Easily get dirt.

Free Riding Drop Through Longboard

This Rimable drop through longboard is used for free riding with the facility of ultra low rolling resistance.

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Through 40 Inch Deck Longboard


To travel by longboard which looks fabulous and affixed with top qualified materials? Go with this Santa Cruz lion God Rasta drop through longboard. santa-cruz-lion-god-rasta-drop-thru-cruzer-freeride-longboard-deck-complete-40It is specially featured with the high speed lubricant of ABEC 9 Rated bearings used for attaining the maximum performance.

Its deck board comes out with 40 inch length and 10 inch width to withstand the weight of the rider for making a perfect ride. This road rider consists of 180 trucks with high quality and offers greater stability.

The truck of this longboard includes 180mm hanger mated with the base plate angle of 45 degree. Also it featuring a low axle height of 60 mm to evident the smooth riding of the longboard. It is highly manufactured with the high quality wheels of 75mm diameter to hold the rider balanced over the longboard.

You can attain a smooth comfortable feel during your cruising, free riding and carving with this Santa Cruz longboard. This longboard provides you a ton of valuable benefits to attract the riders to archive it. Its fabulous graphic design quality gives a high stability even for the people who started to learn for the first time.

Top notch bearing is used in this longboard to achieve the high speed performance and smooth riding experience. Its wobble free wheels give you an amazing smooth experience even at the high speed riding. While looking onto the acceleration, you don’t want to take much effort to ride this longboard.

Key Features

  • Great graphic design
  • Wobble free wheels


  • Smooth riding experience
  • Maximum performance


  • Bit heavier.

Smooth Riding Longboard, Wobble Free Wheels

This smooth riding Santa Cruz longboard is specially designed with the feature of wobble free wheels to avoid the unnecessary breakage during a ride.

Atom Drop through 41 Inch Longboard


Love to have a smooth, fast and safe longboard ride, atom drop through 41 inch longboard is a perfect one to make your ride enjoyable. atom-drop-through-longboardThis is the longboard that most of the people started to have it not only due to its qualified features but also its affordability within a limited range.

The 7 layers full maple laminate deck design is the main reason for the less expensive range but it offers good qualified performance. Its trucks are specially equipped with the 245 mm axles of reversing king pin to offer an ideal riding experience.

Its ultra low spectrum riding confess you to stay with high stability even at a greater speed. This atom drop through 41 inch longboard comes out with ABEC 9 bearings which are made through the high quality materials to accelerate your longboard in a faster mode.

You can able to make a full radius turning from one corner to another with the smooth response mode by means of the small flex deck design. Its exterior laminate bamboo is specially designed with heat transfer ability that does not fade out easily.

Its maple wood and bamboo mixing offers the strong, durable and sturdy construction to withstand against all weather conditions. This light weighted longboard contribute the user with the easy carrying ability with full comfort.

The width and length of this longboard becomes the great advantage for the people who fond of this atom drop through 41 inch longboard for making an amazing ride. People with the biggest feet feel blessed to have this atom drop through longboard. It is good to put your feet on this longboard to go for a comfortable riding with its excellent gripping facility.

Key Features

  • Ultra smooth riding
  • Fast acceleration


  • Comfortable speed
  • Sturdy light weighted


  • Slow bearing operation.

Maple Wood Plus Bamboo Combination

This ultra smooth atom drop through longboard is usually designed with maple wood and bamboo for light weight convenient carrying.

Sector 9 Aperture 36 Inch Side Winder Longboard


sector-9-aperture-36-inchIf you want to have an enjoyable longboard ride, it is perfect to go with the sector 9 longboard. This longboard fits well for all kind of occasion that suites well for cruiser riding, downhill and free riding around your street corners.

Its 5 bearings and Gullwing Side Winder trucks lend you to make some adjustment with the deck as per your desire. The turns of this longboard are sharp enough to contribute the comfortable usage. It is an ideal choice for most of the longboard lovers due to its extreme fabulous features.

The powerful bearings of this longboard come out with the high quality to offer an awesome ride. Its flat comfortable sole allow the user to freely roll down through the rough terrains without any breakage.

Its soft smoothen wheels enables you not to put any strain or stress over your ankles and feet during a ride. With the flexible wheels and stress free gliding longboard, you can able to go for an ultra smooth cruising.

This 36 inch sector 9 longboard is specially designed with 8 ply flexible cool pressed maple wood and triples 8 brainwaves of rubber helmet to grant the safe and durable sliding effect. It affords the user with the complete control over the handling during a ride.

Even in the moderate speed range, you can able to archive the extreme high stability and safe feel with the implementation of the double king pin fractal. Like mentioned above, this sector 9 aperture longboard caters great looking with long term quality.

Key Features

  • 36 inch longboard
  • 8 ply maple wood


  • Long term quality
  • Smooth cruising


  • Small wheels.

High Stability Flexible Longboard, Smooth Cruising

This sector 9 aperture longboard is specially designed with high stability and flexibility to provide the user a smooth cruising.

Quest Skateboard Super Cruiser Longboard


Quest super cruiser longboard is an ideal one in which you are looking for. quest-skateboards-super-cruiser-longboard-skateboardThe quest super cruiser longboard gain its popularity among the today’s market. Its marvelous gliding way provides the classy stylish outlook experience with the super cool speed.

For anyone searching for the less affordable, stable, long lasting and high quality longboard, quest cruiser is the best choice to go with. It is well suited for both professionals and beginner longboard riders due to its stability and easy controlling.

This light weight compact longboard is an elegant rider which is perfect for all skating levels. Its massive deck style provides enough space to balance your body which is suitable for the beginners. Quest cruiser longboard comes out with 44 inches long to hold the weight of the user.

Its deck is made with the flexible multi-ply hardwood maple to hold against the extreme amount of force, stress and weight during the ride. While talking about the wheels and trucks, it is specially developed with 70 mm PDU wheels and 7 inch aluminum trucks to ride out smoothly at a full speed without any breaking.

Its amazing artesian bamboo design includes ABEC 5 bearings to enable the user to make sure about the smooth rolling. This quest longboard is well equipped with 4 mm hollow risers to keep you safe on riding over the street.

Key Features

  • PDU wheels
  • ABEC bearings


  • Super cool speed
  • Less affordable


  • Unable full radius turning.

Cruiser Longboarding, Light Weight Measure

This quest super cruiser longboard is a compact device which measures light weighted to carry anywhere easily.