Reasons Why You Need a Longboard

30 Reasons Why You Need a Longboard

Longboarding has already proven its stance in this competitive world by becoming more famous in the recent years. Kids feel very glad when they are able to ride a bicycle without any help. Such happiness is priceless and almost...
Penny board Vs Long board

Penny board Vs Longboard: what’s right for you?

Just because both the words have boards in them, that doesn’t mean they have to contest within themselves to prove their dominance. Like any other sport, both the long boards and the penny boards have their own distinctive features,...
Longboard vs Skateboard

Longboard vs Skateboard: What’s Right for You

Both the boards have been used widely by all the teenagers and youngsters for a long time, regardless of its minor discrepancies. Of course, skateboards were the sporting boards which were invented prior to longboards, but they are focused...
Safety guide to follow before skateboarding

Essential Precautions & Safety guide to follow before skateboarding

Skateboarding is a popular activity among children and teenagers also it gives a lot of fun for people of all ages. It is a positive and healthy recreational activity but you must follow some safety tips to stay protected...

What are the riding styles, board shapes and deck styles of longboards

Longboards come with various construction, shapes, features and each of them differs in their design based on the different abilities and riding styles. Today in this guide, you are going to learn in detail about the riding styles, board...

How to apply grip to Skateboard Deck

Ready to cruise the skate park with your style using your skateboard? Or need to be the street league champ of your street? You might have received a lot more information regarding skateboard in our previous article.Today we are...